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LifewFlo is pictured embracing their sensual self, hoping that soon you will too.

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Flo Oliveira – Providing Care and Education world wide.

Flo Oliveira is a queer, polyam, Afro-Brasilian sex educator, coach, and soon-to-be sex therapist, who loves helping others discover and exist as their most authentic selves. 

At 22 years old, Flo has completed a bachelor of arts, in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, a Minor in Chicanx Studies, and was accepted into a sex educator certification program. A program in which they are using to attain a certified title of “sex coach.”

Their coursework and experience at the University of California, Davis provided them high-level foundational knowledge and an intersectional framework to now incorporate their passion for sex education into their career.

Throughout their undergraduate years, Flo engaged in organizations such as the Coalition for African Diaspora Student-Athletes, The Revival Zine, and The Menstrual Health Task Force. 

Flo has been featured on multiple platforms, including Not Another Mother Runner Podcasts, SAPInitiatives Live, The REVIVAL Zine, Nuts and Bolts Sports Broadcast and much more! 

Flo has since started their own company on Instagram and wordpress called  lifewflo. Their work on social media as an up-and-coming sex coach, educator, and soon-to-be  therapist, has allowed Flo to become an experienced podcastor, speaker, educator, coach, and s3x and relationship advisor. Flo partnered with multiple sex toy companies throughout their career and brings a fresh perspective to reviewing them.

Connect with Flo on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter @lifewflo

What do I specialize in?:

Relationship Coaching

Sex Education

Sex Coaching

Soon to be Sex Tharpist (Current Trainee)

Past Experiences

(2019 – Current)
Overall several mediums, Flo provides advice, education, and support for any and all that require it. Flo has worked with clientell worldwide.

Rachel Wright Team Member
(May 2021 – August 2021)
On the team Flo works as a content developer, director, and producer. Flo is in charge of all video media and YouTube productions.

Partnerships with Organizations
(2017 – current)
Flo has partnered with several organizations and sex stores to share sex education. The shops include but are not limited to Kissntell, VforVibes, Sytems JO, Shopenby, and CutelittleFuckers. More information about the organizations Flo worked with can be found under CADSA, The REVIVAL Zine, Flo’s instagram, and under “My Works“.


Client Reviews

Susan P.

Flo has helped me when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. When I came to them, I was in the deepest depression and making decisions that were new to me, and therefore, ignited such an anxiety in me that I felt ashamed. I came to Flo with many scenarios that I was going through and they were always so open, welcoming, and most of all, accepting. I was in a place that I was constantly putting myself down and not feeling good enough for anyone, including friends. Flo was a safe place to talk about everything, especially sexual topics that I felt no one else would understand. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a safe place to discuss all topics, especially sexually related.


Flo helped me a lot to understand the correct way to approach a sensitive topic and how to deal with the heartbreak with an ex. They gave me the right words to say and guided me in a way that was comfortable for everyone involved. Much appreciated!